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  • adj. Not granted.


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  • But perhaps these wishes were better left ungranted: "In extensive reviews of research on mothers 'employment, [various researchers] all reported that most studies found higher levels of satisfaction among employed mothers than among mothers who stayed at home."

    How Serfdom Saved the Women’s Movement

  • Now we would ask you, and have you answer on your honor, What is there yet ungranted, that you can, with any appearance of propriety, require?

    The History of Florence

  • Five times during the fourth year he took ungranted periods of relaxation.

    Our Nervous Friends — Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness

  • When the governor insisted on making some return, General Moulton informed him that there was an ungranted gore of land adjoining his earlier grant which he would accept.

    The Bay State Monthly — Volume 1, No. 5, May, 1884

  • The acts of Congress in question are not only objectionable for their assumption of ungranted power, but many of their provisions are in conflict with the direct prohibitions of the Constitution.

    State of the Union Address (1790-2001)

  • It will be seen by the documents transmitted herewith that the declaration mentioned relates to a clause in the 8th article concerning certain grants of land recently made by His Catholic Majesty in Florida, which it was understood had conveyed all the lands which until then had been ungranted; it was the intention of the parties to annul these latter grants, and that clause was drawn for that express purpose and for none other.

    State of the Union Address (1790-2001)

  • The sweet mouth has a wan droop, as if sighing for ungranted kisses.

    When the Birds Begin to Sing

  • Why the ultimate desire of the heart is forever ungranted and an intrinsically unselfish love too often finds itself defeated -- these questions, in his way, he asked of his soul, and he demanded, with wild weeping, their answer from the dead rejoicing in the paling Valhalla.

    The Eternal Maiden

  • In his own life, there had been but little save longing unsatisfied, prayers ungranted.

    A Fool There Was

  • Could any wish of hers, as long as he lived and was able to strive for her, go ungranted?

    The Snowshoe Trail


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