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  • adj. Not grazed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ grazed


  • For some years, it lay ungrazed, the meadow flowers choked out by rank grasses, docks and thistles.

    Country Diary: Sandy, Bedfordshire

  • Shorn white sheep and their lambs are scattered across a pasture and their vacated field has been topped – the ungrazed weeds and coarse growth cut off.

    Country diary: St Dominic, Tamar Valley

  • Like all the other ditches and lochs, its banks are lined with sunshine-yellow clumps of marsh marigold which trace its course across the ungrazed grassland.

    Country diary

  • Further on, sheep have left thistles and nettles ungrazed.

    Country diary

  • A comparison of ungrazed and livestock-grazed rock vegetations in Curaçao.

    Aruba-Curaçao-Bonaire cactus scrub

  • During cold springs when the spring bloom is dominated by ice-edge blooms, reduced coupling between the mesozooplankton and phytoplankton means more phytoplankton will be ungrazed and sink to the bottom, so enhancing the benthic food web.

    Past variability in Arctic marine systems

  • Because the early 1970s were cold compared to the late 1950s, it may be that the difference in zoobenthos biomass related to changes in the southern limit of the ice edge and thus to the amount of ice-edge primary production that fell to the benthos, ungrazed by pelagic zooplankton.

    Past variability in Arctic marine systems

  • In hot hot South Asia, people utilize a simple ungrazed earthenware for yoghurt making.

    The Ferrari of Yogurt Makers

  • Graminoid species are similar, but less abundant in the grazed versus the ungrazed sites.

    Qilian Mountains subalpine meadows

  • Dun is species-poor but has been ungrazed for 75 years and has a rich Festuca and Rumex sward.

    St Kilda (Hirta) National Nature Reserve, United Kingdom


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