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  • adj. Not having been ground, unpulverized.
  • v. To remove a connection to ground potential.
  • v. To remove the punishment of being grounded (restricted to home).


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  • You don't see covers like that anymore except in some unground mags that I wouldn't even know where to find.

    The sexy girls of Dead Snow

  • Just get some coffee beans ground or unground doesn't matter, and put them in a sock, or some kind cheese-cloth bag.

    Use A Tea Bag To Freshen Small Spaces | Lifehacker Australia

  • The unground parking at Target on Colorado in Pasadena has yielded three paintings for me.

    Red Cart

  • May I add, if at all posible, using fresh herbs and whole, unground spices is preferable, as pre-ground spices lose their vitality and aroma.

    Spice Rack Remedies

  • In 2006, China accounted for 78% of unground dry ginger imported into the U.S., says the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Tainted Ginger's Long Trip

  • Japanese Koji and Moto: One Mold, Separate Yeast The Japanese koji, by contrast, is made fresh for each particular sake brewing, is based only on polished, unground rice, and is inoculated with a selected culture of Aspergillus oryzae alone, with no other molds.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • The crop was still being grown there, as well as in some localities in the Southern Alps, as a subsistence cereal of which the unground grain was used to prepare this special porridge.

    13. Other Cultivated Grains

  • For instance, in Lembang, Indonesia, unground coarse-grained pozzolana is mixed with 20 per cent lime and sufficient quantities of water to produce solid blocks for building construction.

    Chapter 8

  • Meanwhile, we have programs to grind glass, to import it unground.


  • Most of them are raw, Organic fooders who go so far as to eat only unfired, unground cereals that have been soaked in warm water (at less than 115 degrees or you'll kill the enzymes) for many hours to soften the seeds up and start them sprouting.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor


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