ungroundedness love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state or quality of being ungrounded; want of foundation or support.


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  • Guilt is the feeling of aloneness, of ungroundedness, of being without a mother, or love.

    Jay Michaelson: Is Guilt a Good Thing?

  • In other words, things in the world (I have to use this awkward phrase because to use "what exists" or "beings" is already to submit to a Heideggerian interpretation) do not admit of looking any deeper behind them for what their residence in the world is grounded within (even if this ground is an ungroundedness, an abyss, an Abgrund).


  • ~ Conference on After Postmodernism -- "The Conference posed a specific question: If we absorb postmodernism, if we recognize the variety and ungroundedness of grounds, but do not want to stop in arbitrariness, relativism, or aphoria, what comes after postmodernism?"

    Speedlinking 9/6/07

  • Concerning the issue whether self-reference can be avoided in deriving paradoxes, and hence whether there are genuine contradictions arising from ungroundedness, a positive answer has been given by the semantical paradox of Yablo 1995 (there are infinitely many agents a0, a1, a2, etc., each one claiming the same sentence: “at least one agent following me is lying”; but this yields a contradiction).

    Paradoxes and Contemporary Logic

  • The ungroundedness of his basic semantic categories, all this suggests instead, was a fact that his own theories fully recognized and consciously exploited.

    Vienna Circle


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