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  • noun Plural form of ungual.


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  • Khaan mckennai*, described for two outstanding complete skeletons, is similar to Conchoraptor but has a more horizontally-aligned naris and more strongly curved manual unguals (Clark et al. 2001).

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  • The unguals are moderately laterally compressed and triangular, with longitudinal grooves running along the medial and lateral margins.

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  • A small medial fragment of the third phalanx of digit III is also present, though more distal phalanges and unguals have been lost in digits II and III.

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  • These features are not usually seen in sauropod pedal unguals, instead they are generally broader and more robust in all dimensions; much more recurved and asymmetrical; possess broad and distinct proximal articular facets; and do not taper at both the dorsal and ventral margins.

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  • As yet, no metatarsals, pedal phalanges or pedal unguals have been recovered from the type specimen locality.

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  • Two are right unguals and a third is too badly preserved to determine its placement, other than that is most-likely the tip off of Mc II-3.

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  • 'lightweight' distal limb segments; interlocked or fused hand and foot elements; and a subunguligrade or unguligrade stance (unguligrady = condition where the animal bears all weight on its unguals; subunguligrady = similar, but with some weight borne on the penultimate phalanges as well).

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  • AODF 604: Nine isolated teeth; left dentary; right and left dorsal ribs and rib fragments; right and left gastralial ribs and fragments; partial right ilium; both ulnae; right radius; manus metacarpals, phalanges and unguals; right femur; both tibiae; right fibula; right astragalus; metatarsals, phalanges and unguals (

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