from The Century Dictionary.

  • In an unhandy manner; awkwardly; clumsily.


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  • Arab horsemen from behind the Turks galloped towards us, bucketing unhandily across the irrigation ditches.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • "It will drift there in a day and a night, " the ferryman said, then watched as his boat was unhandily rowed out into the stream.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • I put them on slowly and unhandily, because of my swollen wrists: and from the drugs chose corrosive sublimate, as safeguard against recapture.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • I bound them up, and getting them unhandily on my shoulders — for I was not used to carrying burdens — set out for the oak wood.

    The King Must Die

  • The painted group moved round Samneric nervously and unhandily.

    Lord of the Flies

  • When they had understood what made this ghostly noise and Percival was quiet again, Ralph and Simon picked him up unhandily and carried him to a shelter.

    Lord of the Flies

  • He was in trouble about his rod, having snapped the top joint in unhandily dealing with a fine chub.

    The Yeoman Adventurer

  • Ling and Izak went last, dropping the stolen guns they had held so unhandily.

    The Devil's Asteroid

  • It did not come so unhandily to them as might have been imagined.

    Dick Hamilton's Airship, or, a Young Millionaire in the Clouds

  • Occasionally a wretched bishop would find himself floundering unhandily, in masculine bewilderment, through something like a complete catalogue of contemporary fashions, in order to specify what the nuns were _not_ to wear.

    Medieval People


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