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  • adj. Not haunted; without a disturbing or ghostly presence.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not haunted; not frequented; not resorted to; unvisited.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ haunted


  • Because, when the dead are given their due, society is allowed to move forward unhaunted by its past.

    Grant Brooke, M.Div.: Hindsight: Burying the Ghost of Ground Zero

  • They seem to be free of their horrible past, unhaunted by their history.

    Joan Z. Shore: Germany -- and the American Zeitgeist

  • Amid public anger over politics as usual, the Illinois Senator is unhaunted by Beltway experience.

    The Obama We Don't Know

  • And the instant morning peels away my dreams, leaves me tired but unhaunted.

    Archive 2004-08-22

  • He didn't want her in this place, this unhaunted place, where not even ghosts were lingering.


  • Egyptians lived with the certainty that they were owed eternity, that they lived and would live forever in a present of their own choosing, unhaunted by the past, unthreatened by the future, luxuriously entertained in a present they could extend as long as they wished, releasing these savoury moments on their own terms, not at the imperious demand of mere days, nights, suns, moons.

    The Egyptologist Who Would Be Pharaoh

  • He wanted to sleep, enter a lovely blackness, a dark, but not too dark, resting place, unhaunted, unpeopled, with no flickering presences.

    The Master

  • The underground garage with its smashed, unhaunted cars white with concrete dust.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • They were clear and bright, unhaunted, unshadowed, and she knew that in the face of his sister she was getting a glimpse of what Gage must once have been like, before Fate had brought on that darkness he carried.

    Gage Butler's Reckoning

  • It was enough that their spirits were again together, that the sadness and the demons were leaving them, that they slept unhaunted and woke to serenity.



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