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  • adv. In an unhesitant way; immediately, without hesitation.


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  • Similarly urts of the sort which live on garbage cast into the canals will often, unhesitantly, attack swimmers.

    Cinnamon Roll

  • And if she should prove sluggish in her lessons, I will unhesitantly encourage her with the whip.

    Cinnamon Roll

  • Thus in virtue of these simple theatrical conventions, the slaves were understood as, and unhesitantly accepted as, free women.

    Cinnamon Roll

  • He stepped unhesitantly forward, letting the feeling of warmth that flowed, tingling, through his blood drive him ahead.

    The Unpublished Writer and His Love Interest (The Painter)

  • My face on fire from so close a call, I hurried to finish, tossing the curios and keepsakes back into the trunk, intolerant of my native squeamishness as I unhesitantly plucked the shrunken head from the floor.

    The Monstrumologist

  • The author, who I will unhesitantly refer to as a fool, picks a small bad point of view and, when there is the potential for it not to exist as it fails to here then he makes it up.

    Harry Potter kills Kids with Devil Worship!!!!

  • Trevor Timson was unhesitantly denounced by a witness who said she saw him take the wallet, which was found intact in his half-open shoulder bag.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • "Let it be noted, " said Miles of Argentum, 'that the witness unhesitantly identified her as Sheila, the former Tatrix of Corcyrus.

    Kajira Of Gor

  • Therefore, this time -- taking that experience into account -- [laughter, applause] there being no other speeches, I unhesitantly decided to fulfill my basic duty to salute you and close the second congress of the FEU


  • Such must do anything, and superbly, and unhesitantly, upon the least wish of the Master.

    Guardsman Of Gor


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