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  • adj. That cannot be hired; unsuitable for hiring.
  • n. One who cannot be hired; an unsuitable employee.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ hirable


  • Now, you've got a situation where suddenly all those people who were 'unhirable' might be available. Breaking News

  • But I'm still unhirable, if only because my short-term memory is shot to hell - I can't learn.

    So hi.

  • Drastic horrible side effects from the anti-seizure meds, therefore inability to learn a new job, therefore pretty unhirable.

    So hi.

  • Thomas, a former Detroit Piston point guard, was out of basketball, looking for any scrap of work and seemingly unhirable.

    Bad Sports

  • Do actors who have these kind of problems like Lindsay, are they in danger of basically becoming unhirable for some time to come?

    CNN Transcript Jun 29, 2007

  • Whistleblowers lose their jobs, are unhirable, many end up in bankruptsy and divorce.

    Firedoglake » The Whistleblower Gets Whacked – updated

  • “I felt like the last thing I needed was to be included in some crazy thing like the ‘Superman curse’ that would make me forever unhirable,” she says.

    Teri Hatcher's Desperate Hour

  • Business is as concerned about the unproductive, unhirable, and unreachable underclass as is government and as are the average citizens of the “overclass.”

    The Monster Under The Bed


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