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  • adj. Not having been hit.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ hit


  • The suspect, apparently unhit by the gunfire, fled on foot with an unknown amount of cash.

    Off-duty police officer robbed in Suitland

  • I have learned to search thoroughly after shooting as many well hit deer exit the scene appearing to be unhit.

    Very Little Drops Dead

  • How can we explain unhit Tower 7 falling at 5: 30 PM that evening with only small fires inside?

    Oil Companies Complicit in War Crimes

  • Anto flinched and turned, thinking to hell with the position, and was surprised to see Swagger standing, unhit.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • A twelve-year-old boy standing close to his mother was unhit, and was buried under only one thin layer of earth.

    Sealing Their Fate

  • Of all the 911 events, few have spoken more powerfully than the neat 'collapse' (controlled demolition) in free-fall time of the 47 storey steel-framed World Trade Centre Building 7 at 5.20 in the afternoon, unhit by any alleged plane and pre-announced by the BBC twenty five minutes early (oops!).

    Honouring the Real Truth of Ground Zero

  • I don't mean to be cute about that, but if there's going to about strike, you can't leave the medium-range ballistic missile unhit, you can't leave the air bases that are within 30 flying minutes of Baghdad unhit, you can't leave the chemical facilities unhit.

    CNN Transcript Apr 14, 2006

  • But her sarcasm was lost on Dove; and even if he had noticed it, he would only have smiled, unhit, being too sensible and good-humoured easily to take offence.

    Maurice Guest

  • A few minutes later, at about 9: 08, a second plane zoomed toward the unhit tower, the second tower.

    CNN Transcript Sep 11, 2001

  • The second man, unhit, dove into the jeep, his hands reaching out for Rubenstein's throat.

    The Doomsayer


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