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  • v. Present participle of unholster.


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  • Ezra gets up and stalks toward the road, unholstering her gun.


  • He scanned the darkness of the motel parking lot, unholstering his gun.

    Dark Oracle

  • "Not so fast," the sheriff said, unholstering his pistol.


  • Thomas asked, unholstering his pistol and handing it, butt-first, to Marie.

    Thunder and Ashes

  • The dancers spread across the stage and in a single dexterous swipe, like unholstering a gun, they pulled off their tearaway trousers and went into a final rousing kick, gams flashing, and drew several waves of applause.


  • The cops scattered for cover while unholstering their own weapons.

    Defending the Damned

  • He stood for several moments, then moved down the corridor, unholstering both lightcutters and holding them ready.

    Soarer's Choice

  • His other hand was unholstering an automatic of some kind, nine millimeter maybe, swinging it around and pointing it at my face.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Claudia thought about unholstering her SIG, but realized that her death-defying free climb had left her with no nearby pitons to snag her if she should fall.

    The Lions of Lucerne

  • “You carrying?” asked Gonzalez, unholstering his own weapon, the sheriff's department standard-issue Glock .40.

    The Girls He Adored


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