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  • adj. not homely


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un- +‎ homely


  • There is so often, too, something chilly and "unhomely," something pitiless and cruel, about quite rational reform, which alienates the poetic mind.

    Visions and Revisions A Book of Literary Devotions

  • So really, uncanny is a good translation in some ways, but unhomely gets at the sense from a different direction, starting with the expectation of homeliness, that comfort that comes from familiarity, and then reversing it with the prefix "un."

    Home and Unheimliche

  • The open ocean widened upon either board, and the hills of the mainland began to go down on the horizon, before she came to her unhomely destination, and lay-to at last where the rock clapped its black head above the swell, with the tall iron barrack on its spider legs, and the truncated tower, and the cranes waving their arms, and the smoke of the engine-fire rising in the mid-sea.

    Memories and Portraits

  • He would willingly raid into the Scotch lowlands; but his courage failed him at the border, and he regarded England as a perilous, unhomely land.

    Memories and Portraits

  • For all who love shelter and the blessings of the sun, who hate dark weather and perpetual tilting against squalls, there could scarcely be found a more unhomely and harassing place of residence.

    Edinburgh Picturesque Notes

  • But best of all we liked it when the Homely and the unhomely met in sharp juxtaposition; if a little kitchen garden ran steeply up a narrowing enclave of fertile ground surrounded by outcroppings and furze, or some shivering quarry pool under a moonrise could be seen on our left, and on our right the smoking chimney and lamplit window of a cottage that was just settling down for the night.

    Surprised by Joy

  • The palm trees are unhomely, the tropical plants seem to stand behind footlights.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • She showed us into a quaint, small drawing room which owed its atmosphere quite clearly to Mrs. Camber, for whereas the study was indescribably untidy, this was a model of neatness without being formal or unhomely.

    Bat Wing

  • Little as Mavis was disposed to find harbourage for herself and little one in the unhomely places she inspected, she was hurt by the refusals encountered.

    Sparrows: the story of an unprotected girl

  • Some five weeks later, Roy sat alone -- very completely and desolately alone -- in a whitewashed, unhomely room that everywhere bore the stamp of dák bungalow; from the wobbly teapoy [4] at his elbow to the board of printed rules that adorned the empty mantelpiece.

    Far to Seek A Romance of England and India


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