from The Century Dictionary.

  • Not hostile; friendly.
  • Not pertaining to or caused by an enemy.


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  • Immediately after the double doors, we are met with a security metal detector, and two unfriendly, yet unhostile, looking gentlemen in suits.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • When you have very friendly confrontation or engagement as you showed before between Al-Jazeera reporters and interview with the Marines and both of them working together in an unhostile environment, that would be reflected and given a real message to the viewers to go hand in hand with the U.S. rhetoric that we are there not as occupiers, we are not dealing with the Iraqi people in any way to humiliate them, but to one day before when people watch one Al-Jazeera reporter being killed by a U.S. missile that will give a different message.

    CNN Transcript Apr 9, 2003

  • a foreign and heterogeneous element, but as a spirit product, is unhostile and even congenial to the spirit; man begins to feel at home in the world, and hence he places no longer the goal of his moral striving merely in the yon-side, but he conceives it as to-be-attained-to within the field of history.

    Christian Ethics. Volume I.���History of Ethics.


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