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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unhyphenate.
  • adj. Lacking a hyphen.


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  • They begin American history too late -- with the discovery of America -- and they do not awaken, as they might, the just pride of race in the "unhyphenated" American boy.

    America To-day, Observations and Reflections

  • Thirty years have passed since John Diefenbakerwho appointed the first woman to a Canadian cabinet and the first native Indian to the Senate, whose government was supported by the first black Canadian and the first Canadian of Chinese origin ever elected to the House of Commons, who appointed a Jew to be Governor of the Bank of Canada at a time when Canadian banking was a closed shop to Jews, who gave native Canadians the right to vote for the first time, who always fought for the underdog and gave us the Canadian Bill of Rights-urged us to accept "unhyphenated" Canadianism.

    Awakening a New Spirit of Canadianism

  • The Modern Jazz Quartet is often described as the greatest and most enduring of the handful of ensembles that tried to combine jazz and classical music, yet its actual achievement was that it played hard, swinging, unhyphenated jazz—thoroughly steeped in the blues—with the clean articulation and virtuosic musicianship of the great chamber groups.

    The Modern Sounds of Yore

  • In any case, there are plentiful instances of stray and unhyphenated bits and bobs throughout the second half of the nineteenth century, though very few before 1840 and as far as I can see none at all before 1813, when the phrase elbows its cheerful way into a letter addressed by a bucolic manservant to the Reverend Mr. William Mendall in The Miser Married: A Novel, by Catherine Hutton.

    Bits and Bobs

  • "For liberal Democrats," writes Tea Party Express spokesman and self-described "unhyphenated American" Lloyd Marcus, "reading the Constitution is like showing Dracula the cross."

    The Big Idea: Inside the tea party's new magazine

  • And if you honor us by deciding to become citizens you should become unhyphenated Americans.

    TEXAS FAITH: Should the feds pursue illegal immigrants or the businesses that hire them? Or neither? | RELIGION Blog |

  • In the earlier post I wrote on the email/e-mail debate, I claimed that, were I backed into a corner, I would favor the unhyphenated version.

    Re: e(-)mail « Motivated Grammar

  • And, finally, about the pronunciation of the unhyphenated version.

    Re: e(-)mail « Motivated Grammar

  • At first there were various new multicultural school days, introducing us unhyphenated kind to the layers of cultural mosaic.

    2008 June 13 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • As a side note, I still do not know whether I am supposed to hyphenate the term super delegate, and I switch back and forth between hyphenated and unhyphenated, sometimes in the same post.

    Balloon Juice » 2008 » April


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