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  • adj. Alternative spelling of unhypnotized.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ hypnotised


  • It was almost unheard of that a young man of his patient's strong and healthy constitution and temper should be hypnotised or mesmerised at all, much less hypnotised to the verge of dissolution; and it was unprecedented that even a weak, hysterical subject should, after being unhypnotised, remain so long in prostrate exhaustion.

    Master of His Fate

  • That an unhypnotised company (or a company wholly unaware that any hypnotic process had been performed on them) should all be subjected by any one to the same hallucination, by an unuttered command, is a thing unknown to science, and most men of science would deny that even one single person could be hallucinated by a special suggestion not indicated by outward word, gesture, or otherwise.

    Historical Mysteries

  • Why was it, I asked myself, that in a hypnotised state the mind was capable of such amazing control of the body, and yet, was not able to do these things in an unhypnotised state? Main RSS Feed


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