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  • n. Plural form of unification.


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  • Only time - and negotiation - will tell whether any title unifications will ever take place.


  • If human minds could work directly with the Internet, two grand unifications would happen at once.

    World Wide Mind

  • It is fairly clear that for different reasons unifications is not favored by the North nor the South, any of their immediate neighbors, or the U.S.

    One Korea?

  • These considerations raise the following question: Is Kitcher's account of unification sufficiently discriminating or nuanced to distinguish those unifications having to do with explanation from other sorts of unification?

    Scientific Explanation

  • Though he is absolutely right to put modern Ukraine in a historical context, and to describe post-Orange Ukraine as "an example of the most recent group of European national unifications, after Italy and Germany in the second half of the nineteenth century, and Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia in the first half of the twentieth," it's harder to see that Wilhelm von Habsburg had much to do with it.

    Laughable and Tragic

  • Imagine as a court, as a judge having to deal with that when we're talking about marriage, we shouldn't be talking about it in the legal sense because by all accounts these are illegal unifications and illegal marriages.

    CNN Transcript May 24, 2008

  • We want to see work about keys and answers, and about unifications and joinings.

    October 2005

  • These grand unified theories, or rather research projects, of biology do require detailed conceptual unifications of a more local kind.

    The Unity of Science

  • The geometrical unifications of Weyl (1918a, b) and Eddington (1921) were above all explicit attempts to comprehend the nature of physical theory, in the light of general relativity, from systematic epistemological standpoints that were neither positivist nor realist.

    Early Philosophical Interpretations of General Relativity

  • Meyerson, who had no doubt of the basic realist impetus of science, carefully distinguished Einstein's "rational deduction of the physical world" from the geometrical unifications of gravitation and electromagnetism of Weyl and Eddington.

    Early Philosophical Interpretations of General Relativity


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