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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The character of being unimaginative.


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  • Josh C. says the judges value imagination and, in a spectacular burst of unimaginativeness that does not augur well he's purchased a cat post, a doggie bed, and an umbrella covered with puppies to be the base of his design.

    Holly Cara Price: Rubbernecking Recap: Project Runway, Episode 2 "My Pet Project"

  • The execs who panicked and hired David Lee Roth showed they were the equal of Stern in their unimaginativeness and mediocrity.

    The king of all media « BuzzMachine

  • Arrogantly sure of themselves, carried away by a passion for facts, they covered with ridicule those — the seers, the poets, the childlike in heart — who, over and above the rational and knowable, caught glimpses of what was assumed to be unknowable; declaring, with a fierce and intolerant unimaginativeness, that the assertion which outstripped the evidence was not only a blunder, but a crime.

    The Way Home

  • EVERY time I wash up a batch of crockery I marvel at the unimaginativeness of human beings who can travel under the sea and fly through the clouds, and yet have not known how to eliminate this sordid time-wasting drudgery from their daily lives.

    As I Please

  • ” At present, in relation to this demand that he should learn Latin declensions and conjugations, Tom was in a state of as blank unimaginativeness concerning the cause and tendency of his sufferings, as if he had been an innocent shrewmouse imprisoned in the split trunk of an ash-tree in order to cure lameness in cattle.

    I. Tom’s “First Half”. Book II—School-Time

  • I say to myself, 'What you pretend is self-respect, or consistency, is really irritable vanity or stupid unimaginativeness.'

    Father Payne

  • "Mother thinks" or "Janey thinks," according as one or the other wished to advance an opinion of her own; but in reality, while Mrs. Archer's serene unimaginativeness rested easily in the accepted and familiar,

    The Age of Innocence

  • The old, here, are the wise and gracious and patient and gentle; the youth of the spirit is stupidity and unimaginativeness.

    The Child of the Dawn

  • Yet happiness in this world depends very little upon circumstances; it depends far more upon a certain mixture of selfishness, tranquillity, temperance, bodily vigour, and unimaginativeness.

    The Altar Fire

  • They were both very excellent examples of pure British phlegm and unimaginativeness.

    Hurricane Island


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