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  • adj. Having a discriminant of 1 or -1.

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  • Having only one modulus.


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uni- +‎ modular


  • This hypothesis is strengthened by recent results in unimodular gravity, which several authors have argued solves the long-standing problem of the cosmological constant — something that is necessary for a large classical space—time to emerge.

    Lee Smolin Argues Against the Timeless Multiverse

  • Let R be a unimodular (unit determinant) orthogonal matrix, then we define a inverse matrix appears here (acting on a column vector) in order to assure that this map of rotation matrices to rotation operators is a Wigner's famous book on group theory,

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • As a quick corollary, one recovers a classical theorem of Minkowski that any measurable subset A of of measure less than 1 is avoided by at least one unimodular lattice (just apply the above identity with

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