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  • adj. Not inclined; level, unsloped.
  • adj. Not inclined (to do something); reluctant or indifferent.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ inclined


  • I am uninclined to upset someone of moderate and personal religion.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • I was feeling unadventurous with the rain, so when we pulled off the road at the place where the Russian River came out to join the sea, looking out the car window at the grey day and the beach far below, I was uninclined to be friendly towards my partner when he went off down a cliff-trail to the beach below.

    A Line Drawn in the Sand

  • Dramatic welfare reforms took place under Clinton, too—he reduced entitlements for those capable of working but uninclined to do so.

    You Know I’m Right

  • Umm, not so much forgiven, but we are just a tad uninclined to give a zero credibility Iraq War supporting Gore-dissing gasbag like Cohen gets more cred than Obama.

    Poll: Hillary, McCain Lead In New Hampshire

  • Coming from a person of Murdoch's credentials, those otherwise uninclined can perhaps begin to see more clearly the need to adopt energy policies that can improve our economy and our environment, even while acknowledging the limitations of our understanding of climate science.

    Richard Stuebi: On Climate-Gate

  • Jaimito, like most of the population, is uncapable/uninclined/uneducated to manage his own affaires/business.

    How Everyone Can Get Richer as Per-Capita Income Falls, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Some of the representatives and senators who will take over important committees have been in Congress for ages, have their own fixed ideas and are uncomfortable with the more militant ideology and uninclined to be pushed around by those they considered rank newcomers.

    After The Big One

  • So just let me take this opportunity to say that my opinion has nothing to do with the job west-coast fandom did on that NasFic, which was excellent, but rather with the organizational and social difficulties of organizing a one-off con that many fans and pros seem uninclined to attend.

    Where in the World Will John Scalzi Be? « Whatever

  • Siberians seem rather uninclined to prey on folks-- don't know why.

    Evil Wolves? (and Other Predators)

  • Mr. Williams, but leave it to me; and in which, fortunately enough, you take notice of my being uninclined to marry. —



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