unindoctrinated love



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  • adj. Not indoctrinated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ indoctrinated


  • The implication of the image is that unindoctrinated children are likely to pick up a gun and turn on you or others–because–why not?

    Posted Without Comment | clusterflock

  • The purpose seems to be to reinforce identity rather than to persuade the unindoctrinated. harold

    Hunter: not young earther. Agnostic-age earther? - The Panda's Thumb

  • Show the world that you will let a Nobel Prize writer who speaks the language of the country travel anywhere in your territory, unmolested, unobstructed, unindoctrinated.

    Christopher Lydon: Thank you, Norman Mailer

  • Technologically, it was true, we were a far cry from Mr. Anderson's state-of-the-art wonderland, but with a lick of green paint, and a couple of his famous hortatory notices on the wall, I could well fancy myself back in the catacombs of Northumberland Avenue with the shadowy march of unindoctrinated feet crossing our cellar windows.

    the mission song

  • Are these just gratuitous adjectives used to give an impression of weight and authority - because that's what they seem like to an ordinary undoctrinaire and unindoctrinated 'wo/man on the street'.

    Philocrites: We have no position. Yet.

  • This is a handy introduction to the before of political correctness for the unindoctrinated Flea-reader.

    Ghost of a flea

  • To the unindoctrinated, the image seems somewhat surreal - gigantic windmill-like structures plunked down into the waters off the coast of Maryland to capture energy from near-constant blowing winds and deliver it to the state's homes and businesses.

    Los Angeles Business News - Local Los Angeles News | Los Angeles Business from bizjournals


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