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  • adj. Not inflated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ inflated


  • Surface tension decreases the compliance of small (uninflated or partiallly-inflated) alveoli, so they would tend to stay uninflated while inflated alveoli expand further.

    Two Balloon Surprise » E-Mail

  • As the other commenters have noted, uninflated balloons are much less compliant than inflated ones (although compliance drops again when balloons are completely inflated, so the experiment would have turned out differently with balloons that were fully inflated vs. half - inflated.)

    Two Balloon Surprise » E-Mail

  • We can store 300 uninflated bags (think box of zip locked bags) in the space that 1 polystyrene box takes up.

    Astor Wines says no to Styro, yes to plastic sleeves | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • Bond holders want above all to know they'll be repaid, preferably in uninflated dollars, and the best guarantee of repayment will be evidence that Washington has finally donned a fiscal straightjacket.

    Boehner's Debt-Limit Marker

  • Two people stood in front of one room wearing bodysuits of what looked like uninflated balloons, standing motionless except for one holding his (or her?) outstretched hand, eagerly reciprocating handshakes from passersby.

    Alex Palmer: Freaks Come Out for Art in Odd Places

  • I witnessed a few vehicles with an uninflated tire and it did not work well.

    All in the Presidential Family - The Caucus Blog -

  • Latex balloons, and toys or games that contain a latex balloon, must carry a warning that children younger than 8 can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons and that adult supervision is required

    Not just the newest toys hold risks for kids

  • From the little group on the edge of the field a lusty cheer went up, and cameras clicked madly as the great silver gas bag, with its bulging top and steeply sloping, still uninflated lower portion -- that gave it the appearance of an inverted, giant drop of mercury -- rose higher and higher, carrying the comparatively tiny gondola with it, until, with the increasing altitude, the two dwindled into one single, shining speck.

    "Cosmic Fever" by Amelia Reynolds Long, part 1

  • But if you're making mortgage payments on a house that suddenly has negative equity, working a lousy service job that pays less than you made in your first job in 1979 in uninflated dollars and has no benefits, and eating into what savings you had to buy food, you're not likely to be willing to take that kind of risk, or any kind of risk.

    Poll: Hillary Takes Lead In Texas

  • A swimming pool crumples collapsed and uninflated in a patch of dead grass, with a visible tear in its vinyl.

    Moving Among Them


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