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  • adj. Not having received an injection.


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  • By the time the mice had aged to the equivalent of octogenarian people, their uninjected legs had lost 25 percent of their strength -- but the injected ones were as strong as ever.

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  • The injected California sparrows had average body temperatures more than 2 degrees Celsius higher than the temperatures of the untreated animals in the group, while the injected Washington sparrows 'average body temperature was only around 1 degree higher than the temperature of their uninjected counterparts -- and only during the first half of the night. - latest science and technology news stories

  • AAV-treated, isogenic wild type and uninjected control mice were evaluated for restoration of visual behavior using optomotor testing.

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  • The presence of ActivinB MO1 in Pmar1-expressing cells (f-j) strongly inhibits ectopic and not endogenous (arrowheads in i and j) endo16 mRNA expression in the uninjected half of the embryo.

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  • Our current observations on the lack of overt nanoparticle-associated toxicity are in keeping with our previous work which demonstrated that saline and nanoparticle injected eyes had no differences in maximum ERG amplitude (scotopic or photopic) and that after recovery from the subretinal injection procedure the ERG recordings were not different from uninjected control eyes pZEOGFP5. 1 plasmid encoding the EGFP cDNA transcriptionally-controlled by the CMV immediate-early promoter and enhancer

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  • Daniels said that while the therapy has been shown in earlier testing to destroy the injected tumors to some degree, it also causes a general change in the immune system, occasionally shrinking uninjected tumors.


  • The activity in GFP-positive cells from uninjected samples was used as a control.

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  • CD4+CD25+ cells purified from the lymphoid organs of uninjected NOD mice were cultured overnight in the presence of T cell-depleted irradiated splenic cells from age-matched B6, Sick NOD or CFA-treated NOD mice and anti-CD3 antibody.

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  • The best aging supermodel out there, hands down, is Christie Brinkley and that is for two reasons: 1) she’s aging naturally and uninjected and 2) she has an incredibly wide face with extremely high cheekbones.

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  • A small region of residual endogenous endo16 transcript accumulation persisted in the uninjected embryo half, demonstrating that the morpholino did not diffuse to the progeny of the uninjected blastomere (arrowheads in

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