uninstantiated love


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  • adj. Not instantiated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ instantiated


  • And in a final act of insanity that which, by its nature is not, the uninstantiated and uninstantiable class-as-pure-form is claimed to be existential.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • The problem does not arise for all uninstantiated properties, for some, e.g. being a sky-lotus, or being a square circle, can be shown to be constructs made out of simpler instantiated properties.

    Analytic Philosophy in Early Modern India

  • The essence of van Fraassen's objection here is that the difference between mathematical (uninstantiated/abstract) structure, and physical (instantiated/concrete) structure cannot itself be explained in purely structural terms.

    Structural Realism

  • The difference between (2) and (1) is akin to the difference between Platonism about properties (embraces uninstantiated properties) and Aristotelianism about properties (rejects uninstantiated properties).

    The Correspondence Theory of Truth

  • But the possibility that a concept be uninstantiated is accommodated by the second disjunct on the right-hand side of (9).

    Plural Quantification

  • By far the majority of realists about possible worlds take them to be abstract objects of some sort: sets of sentences or propositions, uninstantiated world-properties, or unactualised maximal facts, or perhaps even as sui generis simples.

    Modal Fictionalism

  • A trope is neither a bare particular nor an uninstantiated property.

    Divine Simplicity

  • The number of uninstantiated determinate disjuncts involved by many other determinables such as alloyed with more than one gram but less than a metric ton of gold is certainly huge.

    Determinates vs. Determinables

  • Regarding a determinable such as between 50 and 100 milliseconds as equivalent to an infinite disjunction of determinates might allow uninstantiated properties into the ontology.

    Determinates vs. Determinables

  • There are no uninstantiated properties or universals.

    Determinates vs. Determinables


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