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  • adj. Not (yet) interpreted


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ interpreted


  • They did not believe, as participants in the first quest had, that a true biography of Jesus could ever be wricten, and they did not believe that one could readily find access to an "uninterpreted" Jesus.

    Who Do Men Say That I Am?

  • It's one of the ones that I'm happiest with, because it's one of the ones that reflects my own uninterpreted thought process best.

    28 feet from bumper to bumper

  • Events exist increasingly in isolation, uninterpreted.

    Feuds in Obama's Wars are not just soap opera

  • There is no uninterpreted spirituality to contrast with religion.

    In which commentary becomes copy-and-paste

  • In this context, there are many yet-uninterpreted underlying variables which will be unfolded on the coming days.

    Indian Hindu Extremists Chant Slogans against China and Nepal: Border Aggression Goes On

  • For Fosdick set forth plainly the fact that one does not peel away American culture to get back to an uninterpreted Jesus; rather, what we find in the New Testament are the earliest interpretations of Jesus.

    Review of Stephen J. Nichols, Jesus Made in America

  • But as long as uninterpreted items remain, there's also no reason to dismiss interpretations offering different languages only because they don't conform to the single-language model.

    Rhaetic inscriptions Schum PU 1 and Schum CE 1

  • Charlotte's party, Robinson watched the society from which she was now excluded, her beautiful dress noticed by no one, her articulate body uninterpreted.

    Framing Romantic Dress: Mary Robinson, Princess Caroline and the Sex/Text

  • One of us (Rosenberg) sees this result as a paradoxical validation to fitness as an uninterpreted, undefined primitive term in the theory (if fitness is design-based and opaque because of indefinitely large number of parameters involved in adaptation, then the operational accounts of fitness concept are justified on purely instrumental grounds), while the other (Bouchard) is investigating ways by which we could operationalize ecological fitness (by investigating the differential persistence of lineages).


  • The realistic and practical leanings of his intellect naturally gave him a distaste for the collection of mere uninterpreted and unapplied facts.



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