uninterrogated love


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  • adj. Not interrogated
  • adj. unquestioned


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  • Much of the negative critique relies on a tacit and uninterrogated assumption: Sports franchise stars like LeBron James - and by extension, sports arenas - revitalize not only central business districts but entire residential, commercial, and industrial zones.

    Andrew Wilkes: Lebron James and the Taste of Humble Pie

  • For me, I leave that bit of the poem uninterrogated for the moment, perhaps upon the next read it will make for sense.

    LH reads Anne Carson

  • I was just raising an element I think in general most of us would rather leave uninterrogated: this idea that every voice silences another voice.

    Author Junot Diaz

  • But these all remain uninterrogated as to their Being and its structure, in accordance with the thoroughgoing way in which the question of Being have been neglected.


  • Your daughter and Mr. Newport were delivered to his apartment, unscathed, uninterrogated, and in one piece.

    Scent of Danger

  • He was sufficiently acquainted with the librarian of the Institution to go in and out uninterrogated, and to make any use he pleased of the reading-room.

    Birds of Prey

  • Michael Atkinson in the Voice: "The book may've magnetized readers with explications of Christian lore that draws too much uninterrogated devotion as it is, but the movie ends up feeling like a long-winded History Channel special with movie stars and car chases."

    GreenCine Daily

  • No contemporary film, even one that appears to be universally acclaimed such as Million Dollar Baby, has been left uninterrogated.

    GreenCine Daily

  • She’s a Liberal feminist, as is patently obvious from the way she leaves uninterrogated concepts in the second sentence above.

    Katha Pollitt on Flanagan and Hirshman

  • Most important, in focusing on the grittiness of life in Tel Aviv's "Arab neighborhood" without any larger historical or political context, such films, however fine and perceptive they are on their own merits, can be used to reinforce the erasure of Jaffa's modern heritage, the negative stereotypes about contemporary Jaffa (and Palestinians more broadly), and allow the role of the Israeli state in fomenting and sustaining many of conflicts and problems they depict to remain in the background, uninterrogated.

    History News Network


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