unintimidating love


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adj. Not intimidating; not making one fearful.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ intimidating


  • All the nicknames are irrelevant in every way that doesn't matter and not in the one way that does matter: they sound unintimidating when normal people hear them on the news.

    Mars Rover Curiosity Name Doesn't Inpsire Our Readers - NASA Watch

  • French native David Malbequi, formerly of the BLT Market, has devised a seasonal menu that is, like its space, elegant yet unintimidating.

    French Accents

  • "We work on unintimidating foods that mothers and dads can put together pretty easily," she says.

    Celebrity chefs lead the charge for healthier food

  • Unsurprisingly, it's a pretty bog-standard painting and drawing package, with a bright, cartoonish interface, designed to be thoroughly unintimidating, especially for kids, uDraw's target audience.

    THQ uDraw hands-on demonstration

  • Manford – whose standup experience or inclinations perhaps equip him better for off-piste work – fared better, but together they are as warm, unintimidating and friendly as the programme requires.

    The One Show: New dressing, same tasty morsels

  • It made the encounter with DeLillo, a giant of the contemporary American literary landscape, seem almost normal, intriguing and unintimidating.

    Don DeLillo: 'I'm not trying to manipulate reality – this is what I see and hear'

  • These seats of power were in fact inspired by houses (fazendas, those colonial Brazilian, low-slung plantation houses with their colonnaded verandas), which helps account for their unintimidating grandeur.

    A Vision in Concrete

  • It's taken me a long time to realise how much I love short novels — those unintimidating, pencil-thick volumes which say: Pick me up.

    A Word On Short Novels

  • Not to mention the movie had some of the most unintimidating villians, some of the worst side characters ever in an Indy movie see helpless blonde woman that never serves a purpose to the story outside of bitching and needing saved ever second and the constat abominations like the beginning of the movie that came in like Indiana jones the musical.

    Harrison Ford Set for Indiana Jones 5? 2011 Release Date Planned? | /Film

  • It's long enough to get some decent content in, but short enough to be unintimidating to novice readers.

    How short books have got shorter


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