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  • adjective Not intuitive, not easily graspable by intuition
  • adjective In particular, counterintuitive; counter to what one's intuition expects.


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  • I've heard this, although it sounds kind of unintuitive to me.

    Wired Campus

  • I've heard this, although it sounds kind of unintuitive to me.

    Wired Campus

  • They'd probably complain about superficial things like the change in mouse acceleration and the "unintuitive" button placement (the Close button is on the opposite side of the window).

    Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0

  • No, because we know from reading this site in the past, that a player like this, if it came from Sony, Samsung, Microsoft or anyone else would have been seen as a totally stupid product, that was "unintuitive" and "clunky" and not worthy of more than one post.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • "unintuitive" and its software library "unproven" despite the fact that very little of the Pre has been demonstrated publicly and the phone remains unavailable for sale or review.


  • It's amazing how right FC2 seems to get the tactics of the situations, and -- as shown through how unintuitive they seem to some players -- how wrongly many games and other media have trained us to play the superhero.

    How To Kill People More Effectively In Far Cry 2

  • But even during the dark days of the animated paperclip, or the infuriating ".docx" Word extension, they never shat out anything as abominable as iTunes – a hideous binary turd that transforms the sparkling world of music and entertainment into a stark, unintuitive spreadsheet.

    I don't hate Macs, but they do give me a syncing feeling | Charlie Brooker

  • The third being the unintuitive position known as “ergonomic” arrangement which inhibits strain on the typically used muscles and can be used for reading or any in-hand type situations.

    Do You Want a Chair with a Map ?

  • It may seem unintuitive to conclude from this that the Internet will fail to make our digital future seem vivid in the same way.

    Will Books Survive?

  • One of the puzzling elements of the immigration debate is that people find it intuitive that a high birthrate is good for the economy and unintuitive that more immigration is good for the economy.

    How to run America like a business


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