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  • Exhibiting symbols and proofs of union.


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  • Not to wax polemic, but prohibiting a married or (even "unioned") person from visiting their dying spouse in a hospital, just because the state where the hospital was erected does recognize that they are family, seems cruel and frankly, un-American.


  • Married or civil unioned people considering placing their property into tenancy by the entireties, or any other form of joint title, should be aware that the transaction may very well change the way in which the property would be divided upon divorce.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Really Romantic Property Law Reason to Get Married:

  • If the US were so organized as to institute federal civil unions AND sign treaties with the EU and other western countries stipulating that civil unioned Americans abroad should be treated like married Americans, then this might have worked rather well.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » California Prop. 8 Upheld, But Held Not To Affect Existing Same-Sex Marriages:

  • Again, some companies reluctant to grant benefits to same-sex couples are hiding behind the fact that these couples are not married, just "civil-unioned."

    Paul Jenkins: The Last Time We Vote For Bigotry

  • I'm happy to be "legally civilly unioned" with a certificate of marriage from my church ... we had to get a marriage license from the county even though we were married in church.

    Christians Aren't Going Away and Neither Are Gays

  • Nobody is actually going to say: “Bill just got civil-unioned; have you met his civil union partner Steve?”

    The Union Label

  • VISCONTI: Well, and the answer is -- by the way, is that everybody should be civil-unioned in this country, hetero or homosexual couples should be civil-unioned, then you go to your church or synagogue or temple and get married.

    CNN Transcript Mar 16, 2008

  • Civil unioned people can still say they are getting married, but technically, in the fine print, it would be a civil union, without the right to combine gametes and create offspring together.

    Link Farm & Open Thread #24

  • To make up for civil-unioned gay employees 'shortfall in tax benefits versus married straight employees, Main RSS Feed

  • To make up for civil-unioned gay employees 'shortfall in tax benefits versus married straight employees, Main RSS Feed


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