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  • adj. Not Islamic; not befitting or suiting Islam.


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un- +‎ Islamic


  • Taking a cue from the Taliban, the Lashkar terrorists operating in Banihal heights have imposed a ban on watching TV - terming it an 'unislamic' activity.

    India News Digest: Anil-Mukesh Ambani Row: Ad Campaign Raises a Stink

  • The Senior Superintendent of Police, Srinagar, Syed Ahfadul Mujtaba, had recently termed stone pelting as "unislamic" and threatened stringent action against the stone throwers.


  • Also, due to it being an islamic mortgage, the state cannot offer certain help that non-islamic mortgage holders would be entitled to as state help is deemed "unislamic" or something like that.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Tell me what non-violence was there when Bacha Khan encouraged Fakir of Ipi to rise up against Pakistan for being "unislamic".

    Pak Tea House

  • (Playing chess is considered 'unislamic' / haram by devout Muslims!) * A very interesting account on how China keeps her 'restive' Muslims in check.

    Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

  • But however capable our security services, the government's indulging in tortuous linguistic exercises like 'unislamic activity' and 'violent extremism' to avoid the obvious problem of Islamism - and the blind eye turned to the DIRTs in N Ireland - does little to dissuade the would-be self-detonaters in their bedsits in Luton of the moral seriousness or commitment of the British state.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Why should I as a Muslim constantly have to prove my innocence from terrorism when I have nothing; not nationality, language, ethnicity, denomination or life experiences, in common with these unislamic violent extremists?

    Frank Fredericks: Portland Bomber: How Must Muslim Americans Respond?

  • “That is totally unislamic and unacceptable,” TTP spokesman Muslim Khan said.

    Good News, Bad News in Swat valley....

  • After emphatically denouncing the events of 9-11 as being unislamic, you heard explanations as to why anti-Americanism was on the rise in the Middle East and growing.

    Gerald Posner: Reverend Wright and Barack

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    “Terrorism is Unislamic”-Dur Ul Uloom « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1


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