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  • adjective Involving a single variable


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uni- +‎ variable


  • Multivariable models were then constructed, including variables that showed an effect in the prediction of TB in the univariable analyses at the p = 0.05 level of significance.

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  • In the univariable analysis, members of the Jola ethnic group, those widowed or divorced and smokers were significantly more likely to have TB, while trained professional workers (eg. school teacher, nurse, doctor, pharmacist) had significantly lower risk.

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  • In the univariable analysis, the absence of a ceiling, walls made of mud, the highest category of household crowding, and a history of TB in another member of the household were all found to be associated with TB disease.

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  • Physical well-being, mood, appetite and overall QL were significant univariable predictors of OS.

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  • The degree to which such seasonal oscillation can result in "just so" stories that lead to misattribution of causation to non-specific seasonal exposures is highlighted in the univariable analyses we conducted without including seasonal oscillators.

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  • In univariable models the risk of IPD increased with several seasonally oscillating environmental exposures, including temperature, humidity, pressure, air pollution, and UV radiation, as shown in Table

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  • We examined the relationship between multiple births and infant mortality using univariable and multivariable survival regression procedure with Weibull hazard function, controlling for child's sex, birth order, prenatal care, delivery assistance; mother's age at child birth, nutritional status, education level; household living conditions and several other risk factors.

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