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  • adj. That can be universalised.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

c. 1920 universalise +‎ -able


  • But, once a maxim of action is formed that is universalisable, one's duty is fulfilled by acting upon it on the ground of this universalisability.

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  • & Good vs. Bad François Jourde (Self, subjective or relative Will) Ascending hierarchy for individuals completes limits Moral order Right vs. Wrong (Universal or universalisable duties) limits Juridical & political order Legal vs. Illegal Descending limits hierarchy for groups Economic, technical & scientific order Possible vs. Impossible (Natural and rational Law) Ethical Imagination, Regulatory Innovation & Responsible Management -

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  • Hare argued that it followed from the logic of these terms, when used in their full or specially moral sense, that moral utterances were (1) distinct from other utterances in being, not assertions about how the world is, but prescriptions about how we think it ought to be; and (2) distinct from other prescriptions in being universalisable, by which Hare meant that anyone who was willing to make such a prescription about any agent, e.g. himself, should be equally willing to make it about any other similarly-placed agent.

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