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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of universalise.


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  • That ultimately this very moral imperative taken as absolute requires that we should treat all other moral imperatives as relative until, by a process of honest inquiry, we can decide, to our honest satisfaction, that, to the best of our knowledge, the action predicated by this imperative is indeed essentially capable of being universalised.

    On Sophistry and Subjectivity

  • O'Brien, Caputo and Kovic, among others, universalised Vietnam? whose jargon passed into the common currency of the time? as a shorthand for the madness of a jungle war.

    Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

  • Obscurity and unaccountability start to integrate with a new interest in shielding the grounds of individuality — its supposed inner, ontological roots — from representation, particularly representation according to the universalised laws of physics and logic.

    Psychology in Search of Psyches: Friedrich Schelling, Gotthilf Schubert and the Obscurities of the Romantic Soul

  • The modern human rights version of universal principles is wrong, she says, and not to be universalised; but "the culturally particular principles to be applied universally" derived from Judaism are right and should be applied universally.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • From here it is only a small step to the Law Code of Hamurabi, the Mosaic Law, and monotheism as a universalised, legislative anthropomorphism that denies its own athropomorphism with a God whose face must not be drawn, whose name must not be spoken.

    The Eternal Moment of Modernity

  • How this awareness led to the Jewish innovation of a hidden and universal God, how the cosmopolitan early Christians, in order to market their doctrines more successfully, universalised and sanitised this Jewish God in turn, and how Islam equally included a civilising universalism despite its doctrinal rigidity and founding violence.

    More on Robert Wright's The Evolution of God

  • That it has been universalised, co-opted, as a validation of homophobia because in a modern context it is a validation of homophobia.

    Wisdom, Justice And Mercy

  • To describe it as a love poem is an affront to Shelley (and to Mrs. Shelley, with whom Shelley was very much in love, though she was not the subject of the poem); he has so widened and universalised the meaning of love as to render it, rather, a hymn to the human spirit.

    Is Poetry Dead?

  • It is of course another story that the repression let loose on the Naxalite movement under the UF regime did not spare the CPIM and eventually the anti-Naxalite semi-fascist terror was universalised as anti-Left and even anti-Opposition repression during the infamous reign of Emergency.

    The Three Contemporary Currents among Indian Communists

  • He falsified or ignored every fact that did not support his philosophy, which was based on a narrow reading of western history, then universalised to cover the whole world.

    The Role of Anytus


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