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  • adj. Universal in scope.
  • n. A proponent of universalism.


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universal +‎ -ist


  • The more the Bible is treated as a historical document, the more its message is interpreted in universalist terms, the more the churches sanctify the political and cultural order, the less hold liberal religion will eventually have on the hearts and minds of believers.

    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

  • Early on, Zionism was his religion, but he became disillusioned with it over time, coming to identify as a universalist social democrat ..

    Tony Judt, Historian And Author, Dies At 62

  • The universal vision of the Church, which represents one of the valuable contributions of the movements to the local Churches, could be deformed, becoming a vision platonically "universalist," and this would work to the detriment of attention given to the reality and the problems of the local Church.

    Archive 2008-05-18

  • Catholics who argue for mass immigration from Mexico are making two mistakes: first, in treating the Catholic Church as a kind of universalist ideology–something like Communism–and, second, in pretending that nothing else matters.

    Archive 2008-08-03

  • The work that came out of that revolution led to a variety of new scholarship that reflected more "universalist" perspectives, which were based on scientific methods that behavioralists believed applied to all questions social scientists wanted to answer.

    Insular Law Schools

  • If Mr. Cuno opposes the pressure to repatriate antiquities, which is mounting, it's not only because he espouses lofty "universalist" ideals.

    Treasures on Trial

  • Raised Muslim, she now embraces a kind of universalist "natural" as opposed to revealed religion, along with practicing little bits of harmless divination.

    THE PHANTOM SHIP by Frederick Marryat (New English Library 1975)

  • It is for taking this "universalist" position that Zik and his cohorts have been accused and crucified for idealism, for trying to import an "American solution" to a uniquely African problem, and for an inability to perceive the true nature of the reality in Nigeria - Nigeria being a colonial creation from multi-national entities, and former empires.


  • Minority presses are given grants by the Ministry of Culture - more than 50 press publications of ethnic and religious minorities were registered in the mid-1990s - but in mainstream media, outsiders generally serve to legitimate and affirm a "universalist" vision.

    Eurozine articles

  • What about the idea promulgated by Anglican blogs like this one and the one Greg Griffith runs that you're some kind of universalist?

    Midwest Conservative Journal


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