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  • noun Alternative spelling of universalisability.


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  • But because Vogler regards noncalculative reasons as optional, Korsgaard and Vogler differ over whether the universalizability of maxims is mandatory.

    Practical Reason and the Structure of Actions

  • Now because the universalizability test (the so-called CI-procedure) is to be applied to one's maxims as they arise, and because you may at any point consider an unprecedented maxim, it is still an open question just what the substantive moral theory generated by this theory of practical reasoning is.

    Practical Reason and the Structure of Actions

  • Interpreting the passage in this manner allows for its universalizability and, more importantly, it is the only way the passage can be made intelligible to someone with a same-sex sexual orientation.

    I found something beautiful. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • +Third, we must accept the rule of universalizability, or what one might call the "sauce for the goose" rule.

    Chuck Gutenson: Re-Imagining Redemptive Violence

  • Viewed in this light, the emotions in general lack that property of universalizability which many philosophers have regarded as a sine qua non of the ethical (Blum 1980).


  • Kant's categorical imperative test, for example, holds that universalizability is the distinguishing feature of correct moral judgments, and that a judgment is universalizable if and only if it can, without contradiction, be willed as a universal practical law


  • A different approach to universalizability eschews the appeal to psychological facts altogether, and holds that whether or not a particular judgment is universalizable is a logical fact rather than a psychological one.


  • There are two ways of making the universalizability requirement more demanding.


  • Controversially, he holds that the universalizability principle is merely formal and lacks content, being consistent with both egoism and utilitarianism, and that temporal neutrality translates into a form of prudence.

    Henry Sidgwick

  • Although there is some controversy over just how many such principles he advances, at the least he defends a universalizability principle

    Henry Sidgwick


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