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  • adj. Not lazy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ lazy


  • Do you actually think illegal immigrants are lazy? are they lazy in the fields? are they lazy building houses? are they lazy cleaning after to "unlazy" white people?


  • But when I think about it unscientifically (pay me a buck a word and I'll do unlazy reporting), I'd say the hunters I know, on average, are decidedly not in the shape my cycling and running friends are.

    Hunters with Hangovers?

  • Goes to show I should be unlazy and look stuff up myself.

    Geek Six Book Club

  • Some are lazy but we'll move right past them because they are small in number and we can't unlazy them in any event.

    Do Something! or Lessons from a Beet Salad - Bob Sherman - MediaBizBloggers

  • Well, friends - it's that time again: time for me to dust off spellcheck and get unlazy enough to communicate with you the myriad goings-on of your pals at Furthermore Beer.

    Friday Afternoon Press Release - Furthermore

  • Okay, before I switch out icons (whenever I get unlazy enough to do so), does anyone here have a clue as to who the wonderful artist responsible for the original is?

    Close Call

  • We'll see if I'm unlazy/interested enough to go get the power cord for the GOP response, which is by ... who now?

    The Clog

  • And thanks to a generous and unlazy Youtube user, we’d like to present to you the Season 3 blooper reel.

    How Many of You Bought Your Office DVD’s Yesterday? | Best Week Ever


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