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  • adj. Not able to be learned.


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  • Some things are learnable, and some things are unlearnable and have to be confronted again and again.


  • One such group contained those who came to hate and despise the Chinese language; they found it unlearnable, and grew convinced that the whole language was some kind of plot to snare the unwary, and even to drive poor foreigners mad.

    The Passions of Joseph Needham

  • That is, if the innateness of UG tout court is to be supported by poverty of the stimulus considerations, the idea must be that the cases that nativists discuss in detail (polar interrogatives, complex auxiliaries, etc.) are but the tip of the unlearnable iceberg.

    Innateness and Language

  • This situation is quite general: many rules of grammar are unlearnable from the pld.

    Innateness and Language

  • Opponents to homosexual rights often argue heavily that this is a "learned" and unlearnable behavior for just this reason.

    And the sign said...

  • In fact, by the time you add all the Boolean disjunctions necessary to define a concept as simple as BACHELOR, you've probably made the defininition unlearnable.

    Concepts I: The Classical View

  • There is knowledge that only certain types of minds can hold and use, and to others it remains for all time unlearnable.

    Key Out of Time

  • The secret of his means of complete and unutterable communication lay in that very essence which I have only defined as an IS; ended and began with an innate and unlearnable control over all which one can only describe as the homogeneously tactile.

    The Enormous Room

  • Boys at our age are not very sensitive about matters of taste and colour and so forth, but even we discovered that Mrs. Wood had that knack of adapting rooms to their inhabitants, and making them pleasant to the eye, which seems to be a trick at the end of some people's fingers, and quite unlearnable by others.

    We and the World, Part I A Book for Boys

  • The temperature sensitivity increases with the number of agents, making the problem possibly unlearnable.

    Improbable Research


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