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  • v. Present participle of unleash.


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  • But Super WiFi must be only one small step in unleashing the potential of wireless.

    Building better wireless networks

  • Maybe its bad karma (or good karma for the rest of us) biting back at him for McCain unleashing Palin on us.

    Think Progress » Summers Takes On Boehner: ‘Punk Staffers’ Aren’t The Problem, Bank Lobbyists Are

  • At the end of the day, however, many extremely well-moneyed corporations will still succeed in unleashing their treasuries on the electorate, and drowning out opposing voices.

    Think Progress » Citizens United Decision: ‘A Rejection Of The Common Sense Of The American People’

  • Striking here, striking there, he thoroughly bedeviled the federals and his cross-border raid on Columbus, New Mexico, succeeded in unleashing the hated gringo Punitive Expedition into Mexico.

    The Mexican Revolution - consolidation (1920–40) part 1

  • Have a constitutional amendment that would limit fed, state and local spending and tax collection to a cumulative 15% GDP and a bunch of other things, but in short unleashing the private sector, the animal spirits and the productive capacity of human nature to grow us out of this recession and dwarf our debt woes.

    small dead animals

  • It’s why we’ve pardoned Woodrow Wilson for the part his feckless idealism played in unleashing decades of strife and tyranny in Europe.

    Redeeming Dubya

  • Even worse is the notion of unleashing business to accomplish it, and economist Milton Friedman taught how: privatize everything, eliminate social services and benefits, and every constraint on business like taxes, regulations, interest rate ceilings, and all consumer protections against waste, fraud, abuse and unsafe products.

    Doug Dowd's "At the Cliff's Edge" - Part II

  • While I can understand the moral, ethical and psychological problems that the idea of unleashing hell upon millions of people may cause to any normal human being, there's absolutely no justification for this religious-based training.


  • Any company with this large of an audience can build a decent ad business, but particularly attractive about Machinima is the idea of unleashing gamers to make their own videos to promote certain brands, DeBevoise says.


  • Allan recalls unleashing "an 18-year old's reign of fire" on his parents, demanding to know why they hadn't told him. Latest news


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