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  • adj. Not let (not in temporary possession in return for rent)


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ let


  • A great big place, apparently unlet and empty, surrounded by an enormous wall, with one surly man to guard the place - and he has a lot of letters!


  • He said: There are an enormous number of apartments in the Bay at the moment which are unlet and unoccupied.

    Slumming it

  • Now, miserable black dwellings, a black canal, and sick black towers of chimneys; now, a trim garden, where the flowers were bright and fair; now, a wilderness of hideous altars all a-blaze; now, the water meadows with their fairy rings; now, the mangy patch of unlet building ground outside the stagnant town, with the larger ring where the

    The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

  • While my fellow-travellers and I were discussing how to pass the night and so much of the next day as must intervene before the jovial blacksmith and the jovial wheelwright would be in a condition to go out on the morass and mend the coach, an honest man stepped forth from the crowd and proposed his unlet floor of two rooms, with supper of eggs and bacon, ale and punch.

    The Holly-Tree

  • Weeks had dragged by, and the house was still unlet.

    The Way Home

  • What had been a group of pious unlet - tered laymen had by 1215 become an intransigeant sect claiming to be the one true apostolic church and denouncing the Roman church in the language of the


  • The only real difficulty was for unlet tered yeomen to remember what the symbols on the gauges stood for-and this, indeed, was no more complicated a science than heraldry, which any hero-worshiping lad could rattle off in detail.

    The High Crusade

  • I have rooms in Piccadilly, and a farm (unlet) in Kent.

    Sagittulae, Random Verses

  • When he arrived, clasping a bouquet he had bought overnight and nursed in his bedroom water-jug, he found that she had begged the loan of the ground-floor sitting-room, which was unlet, from her landlady, and was awaiting him there, wearing her grey dress and a rose pinned by the little white muslin collar that spanned the base of her throat.

    Secret Bread

  • Mae was fortunate, therefore, in securing an unlet bedroom that was comfortably furnished.

    Mae Madden


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