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  • adj. Not liberated; unfreed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ liberated


  • Previously, NTC President Mustafa Abdel Jalil had promised to name members of an interim cabinet by today, even if Beni Walid, the loyalists' last stronghold, remained unliberated.

    First Revolution, Now Democracy

  • How do you perform a hymn to being an unliberated woman like "I'd Be So Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm" in 2010?

    Tallulah Morehead: Actors, Singers, Dancers, Christians and a Republican. The 2010 Tony Awards Show roasted.

  • This activity enabled significant cooperation with the Allies, which also affected contact with other partisan groups in the unliberated areas.

    Matilde Bassani Finzi.

  • The Varangian seemed tired of the short and lingering circle in which he had now trodden for more than an hour, and in which he still loitered like an unliberated spirit, which cannot leave the haunted spot till licensed by the spell which has brought it hither.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • Such problems inhibit the progress from Liberation to Transformation: lack of experience, capitalist dictators, western imperialism, the population explosion, corruption, crime, an unliberated media, and conservative religion.


  • Should they be mandated, it would not only be reminiscent of the age of the unliberated woman, but would also be an attack on the comfort levels of many female students.

    East Hartford Students Stand Up to School Board Over Uniforms | spazeboy

  • (This is one of the reasons those unliberated but canny girls of an earlier era didn't put out until after they had tossed the bouquet: they didn't want to have to put the kibosh on icky sexual fantasies before they'd established joint checking.)

    The Wedding Merchants

  • Inferior forms of heavy mineral alluvial deposits exhibit mineral bearing fell rocks which, analogous to glacial alluvial deposits, are unliberated and partly in huge blocks.

    Chapter 17

  • As a result of the negligible natural size reduction to which the material has been exposed, the ores are extensively unliberated.

    Chapter 17

  • We now arrive at the real legacy of feminist doublethink, with its contempt for the values of the unliberated majority and its misplaced faith in the superiority of female moral reasoning.

    Feminism and Abortion


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