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  • n. A state of being that is not life (but may resemble it).


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un- +‎ life


  • My longest running WoW character, for example, was a female undead Warlock, and her best friend was another Warlock Priestess who began her "unlife" on the same day.

    Virtual Transvestitism: An Introduction

  • Wed, May 19, 2010, 12: 01 am PDT fanged friends would probably have never been brought to "unlife" without

    The Spark of Yahoo!

  • He talks too, of the 'unlife' world in which the resources of nature are exhausted or extinct.

    infinite thØught

  • Liberal environmentalism is about using whatever blah blah blah to kneecap industry and then hang it out to dry in a dull dry August wind until it returns to unlife in zombie form.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bartlett: New Deal Failed Because It Wasn’t Big Enough

  • Offspring in whom I see the potential for becoming beings who will keep my unlife . . . interesting.


  • After twenty-five years of unlife, unless their sire releases them earlier, Kings and Lords may petition the Council to establish their own households.


  • Phil is rarely seen outside of the Highland Towers, preferring not to risk his unlife away from the ironclad protection of his mystic wards.


  • Winter knew that what I really want in unlife is to have a good enemy, someone to plot against.


  • After fifty years of unlife, Knights may petition to leave the service of their rightful masters, but they are only allowed one offspring.


  • He has forbidden Rachel to dull his senses, to use any magic on him or in his presence, and he is facing the world sober for the first time in his unlife, Lady Tabitha.



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