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  • adj. Having no ligand; especially (of a protein) deprived of any small molecule that it is sometimes associated with


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  • It was interesting that the GHSR antagonist JMV3002 did not modify the spontaneous activity of GHRH neurons, suggesting that ghrelin responsiveness may normally require acute activation, and arguing against a constitutive activity of unliganded GHSR

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  • Although the kinetic stability of unliganded dimers was in principle sufficient for EGF-independent activation, ligand binding was still required for signalling.

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  • (Ph) BirA exists as a dimer in both the liganded and unliganded forms

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  • Though, Mtb-BirA packs as a dimer in the asymmetric unit of the crystal, it exists as a monomer in the unliganded as well as liganded forms in solution

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  • TACC1 interacts preferentially with unliganded NRs.

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  • Under this hypothesis, the absence of Eda that leads to a pathway containing an "active" unliganded Edar will lead to a different phenotype than the loss of

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  • Davis MG, Howard BW, Pokross M, Rastogi V, et al. (2003) Mechanism of insulin sensitization by BMOV (bis maltolato oxo vanadium); unliganded vanadium (VO4) as the active component.

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  • From these measurements we calculated all of the equilibrium constants of the "allosteric" cycle as follows: diliganded gating, unliganded gating, dissociation from the C (losed) conformation, and dissociation from the O (pen) conformation.

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  • Interestingly, the corresponding loop in MvNei1 is ordered in both the unliganded and furan-bound structures, unlike other Fpg/Nei enzymes where the loop is generally ordered in the unliganded enzyme or in complexes with a lesion, and disordered otherwise.

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  • Nei, where a dramatic conformational change was observed upon binding DNA, the structure of MvNei1 bound to DNA does not reveal any substantial movement compared with the unliganded enzyme.

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