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  • n. Alternative form of unlikability.


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  • Typically, it is the result of severe cases of "unlikeability" brought on at a very early age.

    Ian I. Mitroff: Quick! What's My Disease?

  • The Meth Princess of Wasilla is currently droning on about McCrappyPilot; this woman is such a colossal dipshit, and the annoying tone of her nasal voice just adds to her unlikeability … … … ..

    Think Progress » Gingrich Says Democrats ‘Have To Take Some Moral Responsibility’ For Far-Right Death Threats

  • It's a bit unfair to brand summer 2010 as the season when popcorn cinema reached new depths of unlikeability because Hollywood's output has contained a lot of rubbish for a long time now.

    Hollywood must plot a new course to win back its audience

  • Fanning, perhaps the most disagreeable character from the first novel, is explored in some detail in Queen of Candesce, providing background and motive to her general unlikeability.

    Queen of Candesce

  • Management teams Jennifer Aniston with Steve Zahn in an apparent attempt to create some sort of Voltron of unlikeability.


  • I also knew that my entire family has suffered under-recognition of their talents because of their fundamental unlikeability: we tend to call things as we see them, for better or worse.

    Have someone up your sleeve

  • Therefore, although in typical cases it is unkind to mock someone for being fat, ugly, bald as in my case, etc., in cases of extreme unlikeability, such mockery may be best for one's own soul, since the alternative is to succumb to passionate hatred.

    random thoughts on a wet Saturday morning

  • Were those just little course-corrections along the way, or was the idea from the outset "Let's take Buffy to the edge of unlikeability and then pull her back"?

    Damn Hell Ass Kings

  • Cent would be appearing in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone flick The Expendables was met with much hooting from the peanut gallery (I was out of town, but Jess held up the mantle) that took him to task for his lack of acting skills and general unlikeability; over the weekend, Curtis was "un-cast" from the pic, presumably because his thespian skills weren't up to those of Dolph Lundgren.


  • Even the Eichmannesque unlikeability of the film’s protagonist goes essentially unexamined; he suddenly morphs into a conventional hero when the clock demands he must, and that’s that.

    ‘District 9′ « Gerry Canavan


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