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  • adj. Not liked. Lacking approval or popularity.
  • adj. Hated, despised.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unlike.


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un- +‎ liked

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See unlike (verb)


  • I 'unliked' Arsenal and I 'unliked' Arshavin on my facebook page after that performance.

    Wigan Athletic 2-2 Arsenal | Premier League match report

  • TCCC on Facebook but promptly "unliked" it when a reporter called to ask whether he supported medical marijuana.

    Dallas / Fort Worth news, weather, sports, traffic and video from

  • In a flash I remembered what it felt like to feel "unliked" by classmates but,

  • Editor's Note -- I will not allow my innate anti-Tennessee demeanor to improperly effect my thoughts on the upcoming "Titanic struggle" (apologies to Marty B.) between the good guys, and the understandably "unliked" Tennessee Volunteers.

    A Sea Of Blue

  • It was citizen activists that got it fully implemented. mike shhh! you'll piss off the unliked, unwanted, unofficial burgermeister of the center of the universe. protect ya neck, kid. blog comments powered by Disqus publicola nerds

    Study Shows Stone Way “Road Diet” Improved Traffic, Safety « PubliCola

  • While I can imagine that he might value his daughter's ridicule of the undignified and embarrassing aspects of his final illness as a farcical, tragicomic gag at his own expense, I believe that he would be "inexpressibly sad," a phrase he used, for the world to learn that he died unliked and unloved by one of his own children.

    A Roaring Literary Lion

  • Polls show other Chávez supporters are unknown or unliked by most Venezuelans, said Daniel Kerner, a Latin America analyst at the Eurasia Group.

    Chávez Illness Sparks Succession Talk

  • I just wanted to get to the bottom, to the underlying mechanics, of why some respectable pieces went wholly unliked while others generated a fuss.

    The Meaning of 'Like'

  • Leaving this god as a god unliked and not understood, Jerry sadly trotted back to the companionway and yearned his head over the combing in the direction in which he had seen Skipper disappear.


  • Thus, it was relevant that you can say "unfrightened" and "unconfused", suggesting that these are adjectives, but you can't say "unfeared" or "unliked", suggesting that these are participles, not adjectives.

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