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  • adj. comparative form of unlikely: more unlikely


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  • The more that comes out about this collection of pathetic losers, the unlikelier it seems these guys could have pulled off their plot to shoot down Air National Guard transports and bomb two synagogues without "help" of the kind they thought they were getting from the FBI's informant and an entrapment defense begins to seem plausible.

    The Errorists

  • Everyone loves the story of an underdog making a comeback, and in the world of politics, they don't get much better, or unlikelier than this one.

    Come Write-In, Senator

  • "This year, with more public attention on government spending, it seems even unlikelier that Congress will approve" more nuke guarantees, says Michael Mariotte, Executive Director of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.

    Harvey Wasserman: Obama's $36 Billion Nuke-Powered Giveaway

  • It was almost a century later that Times Square emerged from an even unlikelier transformation, but in many ways, the block between 44th and 45th streets stayed true to the spirit of Mr. Porter's swell party.

    Mogul Request Live

  • American Beach Hurston didn't just wait for things to emerge, she actively sought them out, leaving behind the "hard road" and heading into unlikelier territories to gather stories.

    Following the dust tracks: Touring Florida through the eyes of Zora Neale Hurston

  • Backed by the even unlikelier-named MGM Territorial Orchestra.

    Mad Dogs and Gorilla Men

  • I believe this strongly even if it the statistically unlikelier side to come up in which I must form my strong belief because, you know: numbers, schmumbers!

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Video of the Stuntz Conference

  • And I did, for I never heard an unlikelier tale in my life - all of it true, for I saw it confirmed in the little blighter's memoirs a few years ago, and why should he lie to posterity?


  • Yet its biggest beneficiary may not be the conscientious consumer, but a far unlikelier entity: big tobacco.

    John Fischer: Big Tobacco's Green Smokescreen

  • Ultimately the reason this cover of the New Yorker fails to convey its attempt at satire is the same reason we are unlikely to see clearly stereotypical images of black, Jewish, or Asian features; and we are unlikelier to see a caricature of a President Obama eating fried chicken and watermelon in the Oval Office.

    Dwight Dunkley: The Joke Is 'On' Not 'In' The New Yorker


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