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  • n. The characteristic of being unlimited; infiniteness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state of being unlimited or boundless, or of being undefined.


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  • He was the limit, if by that I may describe his unlimitedness when he got into action, he was easy and kind with the weak, but the strong had to give trail when he went by.

    Flush of Gold

  • In modern capitalism, he goes on, the unlimitedness of money is more extreme, and we lack a strong cultural antidote.

    The ritual of public anger

  • And money-greed is a new sort of ‘unlimitedness’ - one can never feel that one has enough of it.

    The ritual of public anger

  • Even now that we are aware that unlimitedness has apocalyptic consequences, in the form of global warming, we cannot counter it: we are still addicted to the rhetoric of endless economic growth.

    The ritual of public anger

  • I refer to the question of the limits of executive power, or rather the unlimitedness of executive power.

    Mark Kleiman: Torture: A modest proposal

  • Earlier Greek thinkers had tended to speak of limitedness and unlimitedness in ways suggesting a qualitative rather than a quantitative notion.

    Zeno of Elea

  • Mathematics revealed "the laws by which the works of an all wise Creator are governed," and in doing so led students to a more perfect conception of "the vastness of [God's] plans, the inexhaustableness of His resources, the unlimitedness of His power, the infiniteness of His wisdom."

    Student Life and Learning

  • They deserve parents who talk in ways that give them a sense of their unlimitedness and help them to see possibility in their lives.

    Parent Talk

  • He was the limit, if by that I may describe his unlimitedness when he got into action.

    Flush of Gold

  • To them Buddha-hood means the perfection and unlimitedness of wisdom and compassion.

    The Religions of Japan From the Dawn of History to the Era of Méiji


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