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  • adj. Being such that listening with comfort or pleasure is impossible: an unlistenable operatic solo; an unlistenable diatribe.

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  • adj. Of a sound quality or characteristic that a person cannot long listen to.


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un- +‎ listenable


  • His radio show has devolved into something borderlining on unlistenable, which is too bad because, at the beginning, it had promise.

    Lose an Eye, it's a Sport

  • And "unlistenable" is what I thought about the rest of the album when I first put it in my ears and then hid it under my bed from my parents.

    Jake Arky: Journey Of A Marshall Mathers Fan

  • So it might be more a matter of identifying the particular kinds of unfavourable adjective that are most prone to subsequent reconsideration - "unlistenable" certainly springs to mind, perhaps because the gauntlet it throws down is so easy to pick up - and learning to keep an eye out for them.

    The Guardian World News

  • I remember working with a guy who was just adamant that any MP3 file recorded at less than 224 Kbps was "unlistenable". Forum

  • suggesting in a review of Neil Young's Le Noise that the fact that this record had already been dubbed "unlistenable" by one "august rock critic" might actually be a good sign - had a series of intriguing ramifications that reached beyond the cut and thrust of everyday pop debate.

    The Guardian World News

  • When people criticized us, they said one of two things: either our music was unlistenable, or things would never get as bad as our lyrics suggested.

    Tim Mohr: The Music and Mayhem of Atari Teenage Riot: An Interview with Alec Empire (Plus Free MP3!)

  • In many ways Emmy & Tim are the non-American answer to She & Him, the key difference being that their single isn't unlistenable horseshit and is, in fact, splendid.

    This week's new singles

  • It featured an excruciatingly unlistenable "modern" live violin solo, full of jagged ups and downs.

    Hugh Muir's Diary

  • Perhaps to make Canadian radio unlistenable for happless Yanks on vacation across the border?

    Matthew Yglesias » My Long-Awaited Revenge

  • He encountered jazz as a teenager in the not exactly golden age of the 1980s, when its practitioners were busy either upholding tradition or smashing it to unlistenable smithereens.

    Vijay Iyer Blends The Old With The New


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