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  • n. Plural form of unloader.


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  • Talking of coals, on board the big ship, out of which great white bales, strapped with bars of iron, were being pulled up by machinery, and caught and flung about by the "unloaders," there was a man whose business it seemed to be to look after the fires, and who seemed also to have taken a roll in the coal-hole for pleasure; and I saw him find a tin basin and a square of soap, and a decent rough towel to wash his face and hands, such as would have been reckoned luxurious in a dormitory at Snuffy's.

    We and the World, Part II A Book for Boys

  • Have lost stands here before, and had to hide behind trees or hit the deck for the crazy shotgun unloaders.

    Get AWAY from me!

  • The American operations officers and the German unloaders were both long gone when he wandered back out of the terminal after some hot chocolate and a quick tour of the wonders of Tempelhof.

    Daring Young Men

  • Loaders and unloaders, supervised by teenage Army privates, slipped around going uphill and down inside a fuselage sitting at a twenty-five-degree angle.

    Daring Young Men

  • Many of the loaders and unloaders had been Nazis, some of them fairly prominent, but their German comrades did not betray them to occupiers.

    Daring Young Men

  • By German standards, though, the loaders and unloaders were an elite, being paid totally in Westmarks and getting free hot meals every workday.

    Daring Young Men

  • The Germans were setting up labor companies to find and hire loaders and unloaders at the ten American and British airfields in western Germany and Berlin.

    Daring Young Men

  • The men are signaling to passing cargo trucks that they are available to work for the day either as loaders or unloaders.

    Driving in Mexico

  • Negligible wages for men in dangerous blasting and quarrying, dangerous direct exposure for women and children teasing it out of rock, dangerous exposure for transport workers including drivers, mariners, dock workers, more hauliers, unloaders, unpackers, weavers etc.

    1983 Asbestos Debate: Step Forward Nick Brown

  • As fast as they could unload it, the framers were able to keep up, and kept the unloaders hopping.

    A Grave Denied


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