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  • adj. Where logging (cutting down of trees) has not taken place.
  • adj. Not recorded in a log.


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un- +‎ logged


  • All one has to do is explore the destructive logging of parts of the Zona Marques de Comillas compared with the extraordinarly beautiful unlogged (at least recently) forests of the protected adjacent Reserva de La Bisofera Monte Azules in the Lacandon Forest.

    Huatulco to Oaxaca City Road Trip

  • What might have had an effect is the killing of the DiggBar allied with the fact that from July last year unlogged-in users who clicked on Diggbar links would take you to Digg, rather than the site pointed to in Digg.

    Digg loses a third of its visitors in a month: is it deadd?

  • Ecoregion 36b in Oklahoma contains the largest remaining tract of unlogged, old growth oak – shortleaf pine habitat in the United States.

    Ecoregions of Oklahoma (EPA)

  • Remnants of unlogged redwood forest still survive east of Brookings.

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • Presently, the reserve has 6,500-7,000 ha of unlogged forest.

    Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka

  • The Cromwell Ranges are the only extensive unlogged Dacrydium forests in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Huon Peninsula montane rain forests

  • It is unlikely that any substantial areas of unlogged forest remain outside of protected areas, and the area of untouched primary forest is small.

    Atlantic Equatorial coastal forests

  • Many of the few remaining intact (unlogged) watersheds in North America (primarily in the northern portion of the ecoregion) and relatively abundant old-growth forest further contribute to the global significance of this ecoregion.

    Northern Pacific coastal forests

  • Most of the vegetation in Mount Clunie Flora Reserve is rain forest, including subtropical rain forest, a small stand of warm temperate rain forest, and a significant stand of unlogged Araucaria cunninghamii rain forest.

    Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Australia

  • Many areas of Araucaria cunninghamii have been heavily logged and disturbed, but the largest unlogged stands are within the nominated property.

    Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Australia


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