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  • v. Present participle of unloosen.


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  • "We are sticking to our view that this year will see the beginning of the great unloosening," said Ian Shepherdson of High Frequency Economics in a client note Monday.

    Investors Look for Clues in Fed Orations

  • But to be told, as if he were speaking directly to me, that I was some-body; it was akin to lifting a veil, unloosening the chains, opening a door I had not known even existed.

    Kevin Powell: Barack One Year Later: Open Letter to Young America

  • He seemed like he was unloosening his tie as soon as I-- you know, he come to the door and opened it because it was already ajar and I knocked on the door facing and he opened up the door and it seemed like he was loosening his tie with one hand and he acted like he had known me for years.

    'There Are No Curtains On The Oval Office'

  • The insanity will lead to the unloosening of nuclear weapons.

    From Stupid to Moronic to Evil

  • Crary sees the rage for dioramas and stereoscopes as symptoms of the new, nineteenth-century model of vision: "The loss of touch as a conceptual component of vision meant the unloosening of the eye from the network of referentiality incarnated in tactility and its subjective relation to perceived space" (19).

    Introduction: Gothic Romance as Visual Technology

  • But while Madame Wang held Pao-yü in her arms, she noticed that his face was sallow and his breath faint, and that his green gauze nether garments were all speckled with stains of blood, so she could not check her fingers from unloosening his girdle.

    Hung Lou Meng

  • There he saw with his own eyes the Goose Girl and boy drive in the geese; and after a while she sat down and, unloosening her hair, which shone like gold, began to sing the old rhyme:

    Favorite Fairy Tales

  • After some thought, he produced a fan from his sleeve, and, unloosening one of the jade pendants, he handed it to Ch'i Kuan.

    Hung Lou Meng, Book II Or, the Dream of the Red Chamber, a Chinese Novel in Two Books

  • Luckily it was out of view of the German on the bridge, and the two lads succeeded in unloosening it and getting it overboard without being seen.

    The Boy Allies under Two Flags

  • As the thought flashed through his mind that his companion had no means for carrying out Megget's instructions Lawrence put his hand to his belt, where he carried his tobacco outfit, and quickly unloosening it, let it fall into the grass.

    Comrades of the Saddle The Young Rough Riders of the Plains


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