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  • adj. Not having been looted.


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un- +‎ looted


  • In 2006 Renfrew found an unlooted site of buried broken figurines and the remains of a settlement on an islet about 100 metres away, Dhaskalio.

    Broken idols of Keros: British archaeologists explain Greek mystery

  • Of the unlooted articles, not a single item had been left intact except a large black-and-white photograph of Dr. Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • Out of respect for the first emperor, the Chinese refuse to take any risks exploring his tomb, though testing suggests it is still intact and unlooted.

    China, Clay and Qin Shihuangdi

  • And I also read/saw reports that the NOPD was conspicuously absent at the Dome and Center because they were “protecting” their “protectors” in the French Quarter, which apparently came out pretty well unlooted and unscathed.

    Hell « BuzzMachine

  • Instead of depicting the unlooted tomb, the designers had reconstructed what the tomb might have looked like just after being looted.

    Dance Of Death

  • DREW GRIFFIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Could this be the same New Orleans, a New Orleans getting cleaned up, a New Orleans where power is coming on, where a grocery store stands unlooted and intact?

    CNN Transcript Sep 9, 2005

  • That meant a wounded man, living, therefore presumably unlooted.

    The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian

  • The only unlooted tomb of a Scythian chieftain ever found is yielding evidence that these warlike nomads did not vanish from the eastern European steppes following their defeat by Philip II of Macedon in 339 B.C., as previously believed, but continued to rule the northern fringe of their homeland, gradually adopting the agricultural life-style of their subjects.

    Prince of the Great Kurgan

  • The few whose houses had survived unlooted and almost undamaged were sorting through their premises and salvaging their goods, but those who had lost their dwellings in the fire held off cautiously as yet from coming back to rebuild.

    An Excellent Mystery

  • They were missing the Battalion, the regular rations, the security of a dozen other battalions on the march, and the thought of gold that had once excited them was now seen in perspective, as another soldier's dream, like finding an unlooted wine shop full of pliant women.

    Sharpe's Gold


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